Watch FAQ

Q: Can I shower with my watch?
A: It is not recommended to shower with any watch. The heat, steam and soap can get into the watch, even if it has a higher depth rating. Most if the time, you will probably be ok. But for us, it's not worth the chance of ruining a watch.

Q: How long will my battery last?
A: Battery range can vary widely. From only 6 months for something like a Suunto with multiple sensors, to 10 years for a basic digital Casio. But most quartz watches should last at least a couple years before you'll need to change the battery.

Q: Can I replace the band on my watch?
A: All of our watches note in the listing whether you can change the band with an aftermarket band. Some watches have integrated bracelets or model specific bands, which will be noted that the band is not replaceable. Feel free to contact us if you would like to find out if the band is replaceable on a watch you already own.

Q: What's the difference between a quartz and electronic watch?
A: Both use a battery, but that's about where the similarities end. A quartz watch uses a microchip circuit to charge and monitor a tiny quartz crystal that is oscillating at 32,768 timex per second, making them very precise. An electronic watch is basically a mechanical watch that is powered by a battery rather than a mainspring. Because of this, they still need occasional service like a mechanical watch, and will never keep as accurate of time as a quartz watch.